American NDT Consulting Services provides ASNT Level III Consulting, Nondestructive Testing, AWS CWI Consulting, Radiation Safety and Quality Assurance consulting services. Please take some time and explore our various programs and testing methods.

ASNT Level III Consulting
Services we offer:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing

Level III services are conducted by experts in various ASNT approved testing methods. The services entail but are not limited to:

  • preparation and implementation of NDT procedures and techniques,
  • interpretation of codes, standards and other applicable contractual requirements to meet industry and customer requirements,
  • NDT method classroom trainings-both meeting ASNT requirements and abbreviated for customer understanding,
  • testing of NDT level I, II & III personnel,
  • We also offer professional interfacing with customers and job personnel pertaining to technical questions, issues and problem solving.

Nondestructive Testing
Services we offer:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing

NDT methods will be provided by partners of American NDT Consulting. All partners are heavily vetted by American NDT Level III’s to assure the customer is getting the best quality and integrity all consumers of NDT deserve. The vetting consists of the following audit points but are not limited to:

  • Written practice and NDT procedure
  • Training and testing requirements met the written practice
  • Quality assurance program is adhered to (if applicable)
  • Radiation safety program meets regulatory requirements
  • Knowledge of technicians are verified by American NDT testing (Specific and Practical exams)
AWSCWI Consulting
Services we offer:

  • Welding Procedure Generation (ASME, API, AWS)
  • PQR Data Collection & Testing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Welder Qualifications

The AWS CWI consulting is conducted by:

  • Experts in various codes and standards of construction
  • CWI’s have experience in various industries such as Power Generation, Gas & Oil, Structural just to name a few.
  • Our CWI’s understand welding processes, NDT processes, job materials, specification & drawing review, verify pre, during and post-weld procedures are properly adhered to.
  • Examine pre, during and post fabrication
  • CWI’s often act as safety watches when safety isn’t present.
Radiation Safety
Services we offer:

  • Radiation Safety Training
  • Radiation Safety Awareness
  • Dose Calculations
  • Radiation Safety Program Auditing
  • Onsite safety audits

Radiation Safety consulting consist of:

  • Training for those with a radiation safety program and those just needing generalized radiation safety knowledge.
  • 40 hour radiation safety training meeting the ASNT IRRSP training standard.
  • Company specific Operating and Emergency training. (pre-hire and post hire)
  • Annual radiation safety program audits meeting NRC and agreement state regulations.
  • Onsite radiation safety audits to assure crews are adhering to regulations
  • Support with regulator commissions
Quality Assurance
Services we offer:

ASME U & R Stamp Consulting
ISO 9001 Consulting
The consulting consists of experts in various quality assurance standards for various codes, standards or customer specific needs.

  • Annual Customer audits
  • Customer support with Authorized Inspectors
  • Complete program generation from start to finish
    • Process reviews
    • Procedure generation
    • Process trainings
    • Process implementations
    • Audit support